Guide for site preparation

Timber kerb

The succah roof requires a timber kerb upstand which should be constructed of straight solid timbers 50mm wide which must project a minimum of 150mm above the finished roof surface.

The kerb must be fitted level and square. Particular care must be taken to achieve a flat joint at corner abutment of timbers. The roofing felt should be taken up the sides of the kerb with attention paid to achieving sound adhesion all round the upstand. However, the felt should not continue over the top of the kerb. It is imperative that there are no protrusions onto the top surface of the upstand – e.g. felt, bitumen, plasterboard angle or inside cladding material.

The inside of the kerb should be clad in material of the client’s choice (plasterboard/skim, plywood or MDF). The overall thickness of the upstand – including felt thickness and interior cladding must not exceed 105mm. We require a minimum clearance from any outside walls, main house walls or soil/drainage pipes of 400mm.


1. Where the surrounding timber decking has been laid on firrings to achieve a gradient, the kerb upstand must be set level and have 150mm clearance at the HIGHEST POINT of the decking. This may mean that there is an upstand of 200mm or more at the lowest point. Be sure to include the depth of any insulation board used.

2. It is recommended that the roof joists immediately beneath the timbers of the kerb upstand be of a load bearing nature e.g. 200mm x 50mm or similar. If in doubt, please consult a qualified structural engineer.

Extra works

We believe our product is excellent value for money and have priced our roof assuming the above specification has been carried out exactly. Should your roof preparation fall short of the specification, there will inevitably be extra charges added to the installation. PLEASE ENSURE THAT THIS DOES NOT OCCUR by insisting that your builder follows the above details to the letter!